At The Run Centre, our vision is to revolutionize the run experience by merging the collective expertise of local veteran runners and human kinetics specialists. 

 We believe that by giving runners the insight to improve their ability, they’ll be able to see faster personal growth, share their knowledge with others, and improve their love of running. 

 Let’s learn together, sweat together, race together, and most importantly - enjoy the run.

North Shore Athletics was a cornerstone of the north shore running community. There have been changes over the last few years with the team behind NSA, but the brand always stood for one thing – to be a leader in the North Shore running community.

At The Run Centre, our goal is to continue this promise by bringing a brand new and exciting run experience to the North Shore! We say goodbye to a brand that meant a lot to the run community, but open the door to an exciting new chapter of running on the north shore.


A farewell to North Shore Athletics

101 - 1200 Lonsdale Ave

North Vancouver, BC